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History of The Anderson Hotel

As seen on Destination America’s Paranormal Lockdown starring Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman.


The Anderson Hotel was constructed in the 1930’s on the grounds where the Central Hotel from the late 1800s once stood. It sits above one of the best Sandwich shops and Bakery's in Kentucky (Heavens to Betsy).

















It was built with the intent to be the finest hotel in the area but lack of business soon changed that. It became what many referred to as a “flop house” where people could get low cost rooms for long term stays. Gambling, Prostitution, Drug Use, and violence plagued the hotels reputation before it closed in the late 80’s. Many suicides and deaths occurred within its brick walls when it was open for business.

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hotel opens april 4th 1935.jpg
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The Hotel brings with it a very unique blend of haunted activity. Many have seen apparitions, heard ghostly voices, been touched, and bitten.

YES!! Our ghosts bite! 

We have tracked the activity to about 13 unique ghosts within its walls and we continue to discover new ghosts as our research continues. Some have called The Anderson Hotel the most violently haunted Hotel in Kentucky. 

The Hotel was closed to visitors for a few years due to the violent hauntings but has now been re-opened and is over seen by its original investigator Jeff Waldridge. 

Please come and join us and maybe you will leave with your own story or maybe a bite mark or two. 


We also invite you to visit Heavens to Betsy downstairs for one of the best eating experiences you may ever have!

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