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Join us for a guided walking tour through historic downtown Lawrenceburg, KY.


Along the walk, your guide Jeff Waldridge will tell true stories of history, mystery and hauntings.  As you walk, you will see and hear actual paranormal evidence captured by experienced investigators.

The walk will run through October 27th at 8 PM.  During the month of October, additional walks may be scheduled to accommodate the large crowds.  There is plenty of public parking in the area.  Walkers will park at their own risk.  


Please come early and enjoy our downtown shops and restaurants. You may purchase your tickets in advance in our store or by calling 502-510-8777. All walks for 2023 start from CENTURY BANK PARK LOCATED AT 44 ANNA MAC CLARKE AVENUE IN LAWRENCEBURG KY. We can accept credit/debit cards or cash on location. YOU MAY BUY TICKETS ONLINE AT THE LINK ON THE MAIN PAGE. No tickets will be mailed, you will be placed on a list for that date’s walk and tickets will be picked up on location.




Along the walk you will hear stories from the following locations and much more:




As seen on Destination America’s Paranormal Lockdown starring Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, Youtube, and Talk is Jericho.


The Anderson Hotel was constructed in the 1930’s on the grounds where another hotel from the late 1800s once stood. It was built with the intent to be the finest hotel in the area but lack of business soon changed that. It became what many referred to as a “flop house” where people could get low cost rooms for long term stays. Gambling, Prostitution, Drug Use, and violence plagued the hotels reputation before it closed in the late 80’s. Many suicides and deaths occurred within its brick walls.

Hauntings: Apparitions, voices, footsteps, poltergeist activity, and attacks have been witnessed at this location.




Former Anderson News Building

History: The current building that once housed The Anderson News office sits on the grounds where The Warbott Hotel and Opera House once stood. It was one of the finest hotels in the area before burning in the late 1800s. People came from as far as Ohio to work in the hotel.


Hauntings: Apparitions, voices, and physical contact have been witnessed in the building





Lawrenceburg City Hall

History: The building is currently being used as The Lawrenceburg City Hall. On these grounds once stood the Galt House Hotel. The Galt House was ravaged by fire and eventually torn down in the late 1800s. The United States Postal Service then constructed the current building where it acted as the County Post Office for decades.

Hauntings: Apparitions, Voices, Foot Steps, and other strange noises have been heard.



TJ Ballard Drug Store

History: The longest running business in Lawrenceburg sits at the corner of Woodford and South Main Street. TJ Ballard held many prominent positions in the community and was connected with the drug store for around 50 years.

Hauntings: Former employees of the businesses have reported hearing conversations, foot steps, and smells they can’t explain.






Anderson County Courthouse

History: There has been a courthouse in its current location in some form since 1830. The two previous courthouses were destroyed by fire. The current courthouse was built around 1915 and has always had a Jail on its property. The tower clock was the first self-winding tower clock in America according to historical records. Many men have been killed inside and on the grounds where the courthouse currently sits.

Hauntings: full body apparitions, photographs, sounds, and other things you will hear during the walk.

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